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SUMO News #1 - What's on Urban Sustainability?


SUMO News #1 - What's on Urban Sustainability?

Welcome to our 1st SUMO News

Compact, integrated and connected

Capitalizing for Urban Sustainability

A tool to keep you updated bimonthly on what’s going on in urban sustainability. Find out more about URBAN EMPATHY, our capitalization process; and look for partners and ideas to join European Projects’ proposals on Sustainable Urban Models. Surf more »

"Urban planning methods and systems to address current urbanization challenges such as population growth, urban sprawl, poverty, inequality, pollution, congestion, as well as urban biodiversity, urban mobility and energy. The proposed approach is based..." by UN-HABITAT. Surf more »

Urban Empathy Project developed 6 High Level Seminars in the Mediterranean area focused on the capitalization proccess of the CAT-MED Platform to transfer concrete urban projects' results: Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece. Surf more »

Capitali...what? - Winner ECDay 2014

For smart growth, not all urban density is created equal

"Recovering the Classical City for Smart Living" - Genoa Declaration

Capitali...what?, our graphic motion video, is the winner of the jury award of the European Cooperation Day 2014 video contest, in the CBC, IPA CBC, transnational and/or interregional category. Urban Empathy project, co-financed by the Med Programme...
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"Have you ever noticed how those of us who promote walkable, “smart growth” city neighborhoods often choose historic districts to illustrate what we advocate? “Healthy, diverse smart growth neighborhoods attract talent, commerce, and investment..." by Kaid Benfield. Surf more »

The official signature of the Genoa Declaration of Mediterranean Mayors, “Claiming the role of cities in the core of European 2020 strategy”, took place at the 2nd Mediterranean Mayors' Forum, which was focused on "Recovering the Classical City for Smart Living". Surf more »

Our Expert's View

"You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" by Pedro Marín Cots,
Secretary General of the CAT-MED Platform

"The economic crisis, which, in some European countries, has worsened as an unknown recession since the postwar years, has concurred with the use of austerity policies that have further aggravated the citizens' social situation, mainly unemployed population or at risk of social exclusion..." Surf more »

New Section on the Web: Project Ideas & Partner Search

Look for partners and ideas to join European Projects’ proposals, through integrated urban approaches, improving the citizen’s quality of life. Join a task force to promote more livable cities! The projects will focus on different topics related to the Urban Sustainable Models holistic strategies. Surf more »

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