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01 About us

The main aim of the CAT-MED Platform is the development of sustainable urban models which are based on the classical Mediterranean city; compact, complex and where the proximity of public services is determined by people’s ability to access them on foot.

This overview on urban models and city configurations is developed using an integrated approach, since the organisation of the territory has a direct influence on mobility, management of natural resources, energy efficiency as well as essential aspects of social cohesion and economic development.

This urban model represents a symbol of territorial, social and technological cohesion, promoting the participation of key actors and public debate.

The Platform is made up of the 5 main elements that composed the CAT-MED project. The first element of the project involves the idea or academic concept of making the Mediterranean city more sustainable. This is followed by a second element which consists of a series of urban indicators that are used over regular time periods to measure whether established objectives or targets have been achieved or not. A pilot project called the «Green Apple» makes up the third element, with the objective of showing the main characteristics of the proposed urban model, both at a planning and building level. The Metropolitan Groups involve mainly people interested in the development of a «Green Apple», residents of the selected pilot area and urban developers. They make up the fourth element of the project named citizen participation and governance.

Finally, it was necessary to be able to continue the project after the predicted project time plan so that the participating cities could continue with the work started during the project: annual monitoring of the indicators, further development of the Green Apples in each city or the incorporation of new cities to the project. On the 7th of February 2011, the Mayors and representatives of the 11 cities participating in the project signed the Malaga Charter, expressing their interest in the development of a platform or forum of mayors to continue the work carried out in the project that started in 2009.