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01 Join the platform

The philosophy

The Platform was set up based on the Malaga Charter on Sustainable Urban Models that was signed in Malaga on the 7th of February 2011, within the framework of the CAT-MED project. The Platform is a way of consolidating
and institutionalising the network that has been developed during the project. Founded in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation by the highest political representatives of Sevilla, Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille, Communauté du Pays d’Aix, Genova, Roma, Torino, Thessaloniki & Attica Region, joined by the Mediterranean Institute of Marseille (now AVITEM) and the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, Today it is a reference in urban sustainability in the Mediterranean.

The main objective of the Platform is the promotion of a sustainable urban model that is based on the classical Mediterranean city, whose main characteristics include: sufficient levels of population density, building compacity, complexity of land uses and activities and the proximity to basic services at a pedestrian scale, aspects considered as drivers of territorial and social cohesion.

In order to work towards this objective, the Platform brings together cities, regions and scientific organisations in the Mediterranean with recognised experience in this field.

This partnership gives the Platform the political strength and the scientific experience that will help to implement urban public policies that respond to the challenges of urban sustainability and climate change.


02 Specific objectives

Specific Objectives

1 To put into practice the principles established by the Malaga Charter on Sustainable Urban Models.
2. To give voice and visibility at European level to initiatives that promote urban sustainability through integrated approaches to mitigate the effects of climate change.
3 To monitor the execution of the commitments made in the Malaga Charter using a common system of indicators & a GIS based tool.
4 To support other cities in developing “Green Apple” projects by promoting the implementation of policies at a local level in line with the CAT-MED urban model of sustainability and the identification of best practices.
5 To bring together projects, policy makers & stakeholders to share concrete results to improve the efficiency of sustainable urban policies in the Mediterranean ensuring their consideration in future programming periods.


03 Why join the platform?

Why join the platform?

  • To participate in a network of excellence committed to urban sustainability from the political, scientific and social perspectives.
  • To promote specific policies required for Mediterranean Cities at European level.
  • To gain access to a process that capitalises results, allowing experiences and successful tools to be transferred between partners whilst promoting and giving visibility to the initiatives of the members at an international level.
  • To actively participate in high level seminars, debates and lobbying at a high political level, related to the promotion of an integrated approach on sustainable urban models.
  • To be part of an experienced community where you are able to exchange ideas, create synergies and find partners to participate in future proposals for projects co-financed by European funds.
  • To be updated on the latest news related to the promotion of sustainable urban models from an integrated approach.


Organisational structure & membership categories

The Platform is led by the Mayors’ Forum, composed of the highest political representatives of participating public authorities who are biennially elected to hold the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the network; a Scientific Committee composed of technical organisations specialised in the themes that the Platform works on using an integrated approach, supporting the other partners in the fields of Territory & city configuration, Mobility & transport, Natural resources management & Energy Efficiency and Social & economic cohesion; the Secretariat General, which is based in Malaga and is in charge of the coordination of the Platform & the implementation of activities.

There are three membership categories:
1  Cities and other public authorities with competences or impact at city level.
2  Scientific partners.
3 Associates. Other public authorities or scientific partners outside the Mediterranean area with related good practices.