HIGH LEVEL SEMINAR in Nice, France - Mediterranean cooperation on sustainable cities

Mediterranean cooperation in the field of sustainable cities.
Current situation and prospects for the Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur

On the 31st of October 2014, a High Level Seminar took place in Nice, organized by AVITEM with the collaboration of the Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur.

This half-day seminar was part of the European territorial cooperation project URBAN EMPATHY, which brings together 13 partners from the Northern shore of the Mediterranean. This project aims to "capitalize" the results of a dozen European projects related to the implementation of sustainable urban policy: energy efficiency, mobility, public lighting...

The seminar's main objective was to discuss on how to capitalize the results of European territorial cooperation projects. To this end, participants to the seminar reviewed the projects currently implemented by the Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur, and provided an update on the commitment and impact of European programmes for the Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur. The role of policy-makers in the initiation, organization and implementation of these programs was also discussed. Finally, participants discussed the future European territorial cooperation programs, north and south, on sustainable city, and the themes on which the Metropolis and its close partners, especially the network of Euromed cities, could commit.

Among the debates, some of the ideas expressed were the following:

- Regarding environmental matters, the European strategy has always been constant, in its vision and modes of action, consisting in upgrading the overall system. Whereas the concept of sustainable city was quite marginal a few years ago, it is now promoted by the EU and has become a central topic. Up to now, energy was the main topic to address sustainability of cities, but it is going to enlarge in the next programming periods. In addition, an increasing role has been given to the local authorities on energy issues.

- In crisis times, the only programmes which do not suffer from budget reduction are European programmes. But their access is not always easy, and requires technical competence.

- To the Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur, the European commitment has become a real tool of promotion and attractiveness for the territory. Capacity to answers to complex European calls for proposals has grown, benefiting to all the public funds, as all the services have strengthen this competence. For the programming period 2014-2020, the Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur will deal with the topics related to the 2020 European Strategy : sustainable territory, more innovative, attractive and solidarity-based, which fit with all the prioritarian axis of the programmes.

- It’s a pity that projects results are not used in other territories: tools such as the SUMO tool kit produced within URBAN EMPATHY, or the capitalization platform which will created within the programme INTERREG Europe, could be useful for this.

- Above sustainable cities, the issue of territories is also at stake : how to make rural areas participate to innovations ? That is why it is important to think the process as multi-level, involving the State, regions, provinces, cities…

- Cooperation North-South should not be neglected, as many problems are shared between the two shores of the Mediterranean, and then common works should benefit to both.

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The presentations are available below:

- NCA: Présentation générale des opportunités de financements européens 2014-2020. Bilan et perspectives.

- MER-3R: Pour la priorité de la "Promotion de la durabilité environnementale au niveau du bassin méditerranéen". Sous le thème du “Traitement et recyclage des déchets”

- Le projet Republic-Med : REtrofitting PUBLic spaces in Intelligent MEDiterranean Cities

- Capitalisation et enseignements à tirer des projets européens: Le cas du projet URBAN EMPATHY et les outils de capitalisation

- De l’IEVP à l’IEV: La coopération transfrontalière en Méditerranée. Aperçu, résultats et perspectives futures.

- Programme IEVP CT: Bassin Maritime Méditerranée 2007- 2013

- CityOpt: Holistic simulation & optimisation of energy systems in Smart Cities

- INTERREG IVC: Programmes régionaux et coopération interrégionale: perspectives des nouveaux programme



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