HIGH LEVEL SEMINAR in Emilia Romagna, Italy - LAURAGame Laboratory

Emilia-Romagna Region has held the High Level Seminar in Bologna on 10th of September, coordinating and working with the other Italian partners (Municipality of Genoa and of Pisa and Province of Lucca).

It was delivered in the form of a laboratory called LAURAGame ©, and its objectives were:

- the identification of the capitalised instruments of Urban Empathy that were found as more interesting for the actors involved in the Laboratory;
- the usage of the instruments of the capitalised project in a creative way, to define new project of urban and peri-urban regeneration.

The actors involved were: the Italian partners and their staff, the policy-makers and the technician interviewed in the Structured Dialogue and others actors chosen for their competence and experience in actions of territorial sustainable regeneration in Italy.
The laboratory consisted of three urban case studies on which the persons invited have worked on for a potential European call for the regeneration of three immginary city.

The Region has developed a pack of materials for the elaboration of the regeneration strategy of the case-studies, for the participants of the meeting.

In order to give the opportunity to the participants to use the tools of the capitalised projects of Urban Empathy, the Region has offered to the participant a Toolkit with 19 “playing-cards” with a synthesis of the more interesting results of the single projects capitalised, to be used during the definition of the policies the High Level Seminar, in the single case-studies.

The Toolkit of Urban Empathy and some moments of LAURAGame ©

The results of the  regeneration projects were then explained to the other groups and evaluated from a jury, the day of the meeting (a landscape expert, a urban regeneration expert, a participatory processes expert). The results were the integration of different approaches, a new interest on urban landscape and the different participatory actions. The Toolkit of the capitalised project was then diffused to many other policy-makers.

High Level Seminar - LAURAGame Description

HLS - LAURAGame Agenda


More info (Emilia Romagna website)



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