CAT-MED Platform invited to CECODHAS Task-Force on Warm/Mediterranean Climate Workshop


CAT-MED Platform invited to CECODHAS POWER HOUSE NZE Challenge Project _ MED Task-Force Workshop and Technical Visit, coordinated by CECODHAS Housing Europe.

Pisa and Empoli (Italy), 4th and 5th July, 2013

As part of the Urban Empathy and CAT-MED Platform dissemination and capitalization activities, Urban Empathy Project participated in the CECODHAS Workshop & Technical visit in Pisa (Italy), organized within the POWER HOUSE Nearly-Zero Energy Challenge Project, Task-Force on nZEB Housing in Warm/Mediterranean Climates.

CAT-MED Platform experiences and objectives with the Urban Empathy Capitalization project were presented during the workshop, in order to illustrate the sustainable urban models described by the CAT-MED Platform and the methodologies used to evaluate urban sustainability, which could be supported by social housing operators and city councils around Mediterranean area.

The European Commission , including its energy -saving promotions in the public sector, supports the project POWER HOUSE Nearly Zero Energy Challenge, coordinated by CECODHAS Housing Europe, which is a continuation of previous work by the project POWER HOUSE Europe, but delving the following topics:

1. Nearly zero energy buildings in cold/continental climates.
2. Nearly zero energy buildings in warm/Mediterranean climates.
3. Nearly zero energy buildings in divided/cooperative ownerships.
4. Financial aspects of nearly zero energy buildings for refurbishment and new construction works.

Federcasa, as a project partner, is conducting the coordination of the MED Task-Force on Mediterranean climate and it is committed to analyze all the aspects that characterize the constructions and urban environment related to this climate area. It must, therefore, identify the key elements from the construction's standpoint, technical solutions, the influence on the urban environment , as well as legislative aspects; in order to have an overview of both Italy and Spain context.

Due to this reason the MED Task-Force is pleased to make the requirement spokesman for the Italian and Spanish partners in order to diversify the "energy challenge for the Mediterranean area", in their different climates and types of housing as opposed to the unique pattern of Passivhaus from North Europe.

The MED Task -force is tasked among others :

- Select some social housing buildings constructed with energy saving criteria and appropriate architectural design to the climate of southern countries, which are subjects to be monitored in the next period 2013-2014, both in Spain and in Italy.

- To organize a site program visits to social housing buildings with the same characteristics in both countries.

- Organize a training course on-line for social housing operators and professionals working in the buildings energy efficiency sector.

The first day, it was programmed a morning meeting of the Task-force platform MED counting with the CAT-MED Platform invitation, which delved on various issues related to energy development projects and urban sustainable concepts in the Mediterranean climate zone, and at noon, there were a pilot project visit Pisa APES.

On the second day, it was developed various technical visits to pilot projects of Publicasa Spa Empoli.

The conclusions from the workshop were very positives, due to direct relation between social housing operators and their influence and capacity to built sustainable neighborhoods following the urban models stand up for the CAT-MED Platform.

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