CIVITAS Forum Conference 2013

Between the 30th of September and the 2nd  of October Brest welcomed the CIVITAS Forum 2013, an annual event bringing together representatives of CIVITAS Forum Network member cities including their politicians and technical experts, and supporting cities to introduce ambitious transport measures and policies towards sustainable urban mobility. The Brest conference was the 11th  edition of the forum, placing this city alongside several quarters of Europe including Vitoria-Gasteiz, Funchal, Malmö, Krakow, Bologna, Kaunas, Burgos, Nantes, Rotterdam and Graz. Although the series started in 2003, this was the first time ever that the annual CIVITAS forum was hosted by a non-demonstration city, eager to present its achievements in terms of sustainable urban mobility to the CIVITAS community.

'Brest metropole oceane’, the heart of the Pays de Brest, was hosting the CIVITAS Forum Conference this autumn. For centuries, Brest has been one of the most important European harbors, home of the French Marine defense organization on the Atlantic coast. Being at the center of Western Brittany largest metropolitan area, Brest is also the symbol of ancient traditions related with the sea, in particular being one of the most important references in the European shipping industry. More recently, Brest has become a vital center of research, banking sector and other emerging activities.

Over the past 20 years, Brest metropolitan area has been involved in a progressive redesign of its mobility system, being proud of the results and solutions found to improve quality of life of its citizens and enhance sustainable transport in the area. Among recent mobility innovations in ‘Brest metropole oceane’ one can mention developments in public transport (light rail line and bus lanes), redesign of urban areas and measures supporting cycling. New projects include also a cable car system to cross the river/port in the city center and a modern approach to consider urban planning, combining its various aspects into a single master plan and procedure.

An occasion to showcase accomplishments of a CIVITAS non-demonstration city is in line with the thematic focus of this year event “Implementing sustainable urban mobility with less”. The reality of Brest has certainly various common points with local circumstances in many other CIVITAS cities and the conference will be an opportunity for a dialogue and exchange of experiences between cities and European politicians on the one hand, and experts in the field of urban mobility on the other. The programme of the forum aims to demonstrate and analyse solutions for achieving end enhancing sustainable mobility with limited means, including discussion of potential barriers and failure factors.

The sessions are presented here.


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