Urban Empathy and CAT-MED Platform on the cruise to the MED future - Annual event -


On 23rd and 24th of October, the MED Annual Event took place in Lisbon. The Urban Empathy Project and CAT-MED Platform actively participated in the event and the sustainable urban issues and their relevance to the Mediterranean and European policies to achieve EU objectives 2020 were high on the agenda. These approaches could be appreciated during the Intervention of Mr Giacomo Luciani, European Commission, DG Environment, Implementation, Governance and Semester.

Mrs. Sandra Marin Herbert introduced the evolution of the CAT-Platform during one of the sessions. She descibed the process of change that started with a project that was later converted into a Platform, through which a capitalisation strategy is being developed. CAT-MED presentation is now available here.

The Urban Project Empathy project stand was home to the “Speakers' Corner on Urban Suatainabel Models”. We invited the representatives of several relevant EU projects to comment on urban planning and how to practice it into a more sustainable way. All participants provided concrete results that supported the capitalization of the integrated approach to urban sustainability.

During these two days, MED project partners, MED stakeholders and the MED programme came together to discuss over seven years of transnational cooperation, which can be seen through the 144 projects which have produced a large amount of results in a variety of different working fields. Based on their concrete results, experiences and lessons learnt, we were able to see what results are available to share at MED level. During the remainder of the event, we discovered the answers to other questions such as:  What will follow next? Which new developments shall be initiated? How will future cooperation funds be invested? How to coordinate with other programmes in the area?

Today, you can start with watching the video produced on the frame of the Speakers' Corner in the Urban Empathy's stand. In the upcoming weeks, the MED programme will publish the results of the event on their website, providing some more precise and summarised information.

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