Urban Empathy paticipates in the Capitalization Event on “Sustainable development and Spatial planning” by ENPI CBC Med Programme


Urban Empathy took part in the capitalisation event on “sustainable development and spatial planning”, which was hold in Rome on 26th November 2013. The event was organised under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Programme, a multilateral cooperation framework funded by the EU under the European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument.

The goal of the event was to share experiences, expertise and know-how among organisations involved in running initiatives dealing with “Economic sustainable growth”, “Local governance, spatial planning and rural development”, “Integrated Coastal Zone Management and transport”.

Besides the participation of representatives of 20 projects funded by the ENPI CBC Med Programme in the above mentioned fields, the event was contributed by other relevant Euro-Mediterranean stakeholders, as the CAT-MED Platform in the frame of its capitalization process within the Urban Emapathy Project. The aim of the event was to foster synergies and complementarities among the projects and networks, while to share promising good practices and outline common challenges to be considered under the new EU Programming period (2014-2020).

During the journey, almost the entire morning was devoted to the discussion on main issues at regional level and the  results of the participant projects and networks.

Following the open discussion within each cluster during the first session, the Urban Empathy`s concrete contribution was presented during the “Brainstorming with external actors”. This session was designed as a unique opportunity to benchmark the experience of Urban Empathy Project and those of other kery players with all projects financed by the ENPI CBC Med Programme. In particular, the discussion was aimed at a common identification of the medium-term needs of the relevant sector based on the presentation of concrete outcomes of running projects/initiatives.

In this regards, Urban Empathy's contribution and vision in terms of current/future plans/activities in the field of “Local governance, spatial planning and rural development” were of high interest for all the concerned participants.

The agenda is available here


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