The CAT-MED Platform on Sustainable Urban Models in the UN-Habitat 7 World Urban Forum

The CAT-MED Platform on Sustainable Urban Models - The Malaga SOHO neighborhood project and the model of Malaga Historical City Center as sustainable urban regeneration good practices in the UN-Habitat 7 World Urban Forum.

The CAT-MED Platform through Malaga City Council, the OMAU - Programmes Service, participates in the 7 World Urban Forum which is being held in Medellin (Colombia) between 5 and 11 April, organized by UN-Habitat. Malaga City Council has been selected among different European cities to present in this global forum their urban model and recent projects on urban regeneration, concretely the Malaga SOHO project, considered as a good practice for its comprehensive urban and participatory model, and the project to regenerate the Historical City Center as Mediterranean model, compact and complex city.

The World Urban Forum is the largest gathering of United Nations on sustainable urban development and city planning. It consists of a variety of experts from all sources, representatives of national governments, regional mayors, multilateral organizations, development banks, academics, NGOs, private sector, professional and other organizations of civil society. This seventh edition attracted about 14,000 people from 130 countries.

The 7WUF will feature Urban Talks, a series of discussions with some of the world's most renowned economists, urbanists, and thinkers. In the photograph above appears Joseph Stiglitz, he is a Nobel Laureate in Economics, author, and Professor at Columbia University in New York. His most recent book is The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future, published by W.W. Norton and Penguin/Allen Lane in June 2012.

Regarding the SOHO project Malaga, it will be presented in the Networking event entitled; How can cities tackle the challenges they face in the globalised 21st Century? How can they grow their economies, reduce social inequalities and act as stewards of the environment? Alongside Malaga, participate in this table with representatives from the cities of York, Sao Paulo and Mar del Plata. Malaga was the only participant of the five European cities that makes up the project URBELAC (Malaga, Edinburgh, Venice, Porto and La Laguna).

In Europe, the economic crisis underlined the connectedness of cities and the need for shared solutions to chronic challenges. Cities often compete to attract business, talents, etc. But in order to be successful, cities must co-operate more effectively to share learning, experience and know-how. Within cities, stakeholders must co-operate more effectively to optimise resources and co-create sustainable results. A more trusted set of relationships between city administrations and their citizens is at the centre of this co-operative model.

This session will showcase examples from European and South American cities. The examples come from two networks designed to promote effective urban learning and exchange – URBACT in Europe and URBELAC between Europe and South America. The examples will focus on key challenges for cities – housing, the environment and youth jobs – providing an insight into co-creation and open-innovation approaches. The focus will be practical, with an emphasis on ‘what works’ and how we can share it better. It has been designed as participative session with ample space for interaction and exchange.

The second participation in the Networking events will be focused on the Malaga Historical City Center and its comprehensive approach to urban sustainability, concretely it will be exposed the experience of Malaga City as compact city model on “Density and Equity Approach”. It is organized by the Inter- American Development Bank (BID). Compact cities are considered to be socially sustainable, with increased economic opportunities, greater social interaction, increase safety and more efficient transportation mobility. Malaga’s case study will be presented together with the experiences of Santiago de Chile, Lima and Manaus in South America, and Baltimore and Atlanta in the USA.

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