On 11, 12 and 13 June 2014, the city of Malaga hosted the Eurocities Environment Forum, the main European cities platform based in Brussels. The Forum was attended by 29 cities from 15 different countries and more than 70 participants. The European delegation was received on Wednesday 11 by the Mayor Francisco de la Torre, at the City Hall.

This forum has been promoted by the OMAU / Service Programs in collaboration with the Department of Environment, Municipal Energy Agency and the Municipal Planning Department, among others; and, it took place in the frame of the Capitalization Project Urban Empathy, within the Med Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Urban Empathy was presented as an opportunity to capitalize results that can help to develop a sustainable urban model based on the classical Mediterranean City.  As a network of networks, it has possibilities to work toward the H2020 objectives. It was a chance to some of our partners to do networking and disseminate their results at European cities scale.

The Forum was held in different municipal building: the City Hall, Civic Centre "Plaza Montaño", OMAU Offices, Municipal Offices of the former Tabaco Factory and the Contemporary Art Museum (CAC). It had different parallel working sessions around the following themes: Clean Cities, Air Quality , Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. In this framework, it was also performed the technical visit to Zem2All Project in the control centre located in the building of "Tabacalera".

The Forum used various formats work as conferences, debates, workshops, among others. The program was as follows:

Thursday, June 12, OMAU:

Topic 1: Green Public Procurement

Videoconference from Brussels by Stefania Minestrini, European Commission, expert in green public procurement, which focused her presentation on European regulations, keys to green procurement implementaton and new funding sources.

Presentation of the actions developed by the city of Oslo, presented by Guri Melby, Vice-Mayor for Transport and Environment, and sharing of experiences and transfer of good practices from ENIGMA project by Denisa Naidin, Eurocities Project Coordinator.

Topic 2: Exchange of good practices in the context of extreme heat at urban scale

Cynthia Echave, Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, ​​introduced the extreme heat in the Mediterranean context.

José Luis Vallejo, Ecosistema Urbano (Madrid), introduced the Eco-Boulevard Project of Vallecas and its facilities to mitigate extreme heat in the public space by "air trees" infrastructurse; which, trought the evapotranspiration and renewable energy, are able to reduce external temperature up to 10ºC, in low humidity conditions.

Almudena Fuster, EMVS, Madrid City Council, described the new urban model in the Vallecas neighbourhood, where energy-efficient buildings, urban planning development using bioclimatic concepts, public spaces and parks implemented with environmental sustainability design criteria.

Topic 3. Speednetworking Sessions on Climate Change adaptation, in the format of small and simultaneous working groups sessions; where 4 speakers introduced concrete projects on urban planning and discussed about the principles of climate change adaptation city strategies. The presentations were developed by the cities of Copenhagen, Helsinki, Genoa and Malaga.

Friday, June 13, CAC:

1. Presentation of urban models in the Mediterranean area, compact and complex city with proximity to basic services, by Pedro Marín Cots, Director of OMAU, and Filippo Maria Contenti, Local Coordinator of 2Move2 CIVITAS+ Project.; and technical visit to  comprehensive urban regeneration in Malaga SOHO neighbourhood.

2. European Programme INTERREG, period 2014-2020; by Vicente Rodriguez Sáez, Head of Unit for Crime and Interregional Cooperation, Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Commission Deputy.

3. The conference concluded with a discussion of project proposals for new period and policies updating of the EUROCITIES network.

Participation of 70 representatives from 29 cities / agencies: London (UK); Sunderland (UK); Belfast (UK); Birmingham (UK); Copenhagen (Denmark); Utrecht (Holland); Schiedam (Holland); Enschede (Holland); Tilburg (Holland); Oulu (Finland); Helsinki (Finland); Region Helsinki (Finland); Tampere (Finland); Stockholm (Sweden); Malmo (Sweden); Oslo (Norway); Mannheim (Germany); Frankfurt (Germany); Budapest (Hungary); Varna (Bulgary; UBBSLA - Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities); Kavala (Greece); Genoa (Italy); Metropole Nice Cote d'Azur (France); Brussels (Belgium); Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Porto (Portugal); UAB, Barcelona (Spain); Seville (Spain); Malaga (Spain).

EUROCITIES was founded in 1986 by the mayors of six major cities, Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam, today representing over 130 local governments in European cities. Through six thematic forums, a large number of working groups, projects, activities and events, the Network offers members a platform to share their experiences, exchange ideas and develop new projects of urban intervention. Reflecting the vision of Europe 2020 on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the current priorities of the Network are employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate / energy.

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