Urban Sustainable Model - TRENDINGS

Cities are evoluting in the recent years to become more sustainable, many different practices are being put into practice to overcome urban challenges. In this post, we present a series of different articles and links to SUMO trendings, which has been more succesfull at CAT-MED Platform and Urban Empathy Social Networks.

- Elegant Interactive Tool Shows Cities' Growth Rate Around the World, by David Thorpe posted in Sustainable Cities Collective

Map produced by the International Institute for Environment and Development

- Urbanism: On Remaking Cities, by Joe Nickol posted in StreetSense

- Urban green space makes people happier than money, by Luísa Zottis posted in TheCityFix

Hiring an electric 'smart' bike in Copenhagen, by Lara Lewington posted on BBC News Technology

- Guy Horton on Zaha Hadid & the Architect’s Ethical Responsibility, by Vanessa Quirk posted in archdaily

- The future of Smart Cities – Smart City Wien, By Smart City Event

- The EU Future Cities Competition: Realizing Urban Europe Strategy 2020, by Dr Azamat Abdoullaev posten in Smart Cities and Communities

- Smart Cities Will Work If We Put People - Not Technology - First, by Florian Lorenz posted in Sustainable Cities Collective

- How Open Data Access Will Revolutionize Istanbul’s Public Transit Systems, by Renée van Staveren posted in Sustainable Cities Collective

- Medellin: How Transportation & Innovation Have Given This Failing City A Chance, by Luis Lozano-Paredes posted in Global Site Plans



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