TEENENERGY - Capitalizing successful energy retrofitting projects in school buildings

The Med Teenergy Project presents two successful demonstration cases, where the Project Guidelines, as result which is capitalized within Urban Empathy, have been put into practice.

1. The energy envelope for a school building. The new building for Majorana High School

The new building for Majorana High School has been developed with the aim of spreading sustainable construction methodology in Italy. The reduction of energy consumptions and the attention to environmental requirements are the main objectives of the Majorana High School Project. The design concept of the building has been characterized by the adoption of solutions to improve solar gains and natural ventilation.

Majorana High School Paper

2. The retrofitting of the high school Vallisneri in Lucca toward a nearly zero energy building.

The retrofitting of Vallisneri High School has been developed with the aim of integrate different needs of performances upgrading in existing building toward a sustainable construction, proposing a model of nearly new zero energy building in Mediterranean areas, using appropriate policies tailored on local climate conditions. Mediterranean Zero energy public buildings' definition is still too much focused on continental climatic conditions and poorly adapted to Mediterranean areas.
The project of the retrofitting of school building Vallisneri has been a laboratory to promote technologies to improve energy performance of the building envelope and indoor comfort in the classrooms, integrated with the general upgrading of the seismic resistance of the building, according the ultimate codes introduced in Italy.

Vallisneri High School Paper

3. Teenergy Guidelines

Guidelines for Energy Efficient School Buildings in the Mediterranean Regions aims at providing local administrators with useful decision support instrument to implement retrofitting and revitalization of existing school buildings in the Mediterranean area.
It includes examples of potential strategies to reduce energy demand of school buildings and it suggests how to achieve energy saving by different points of view: exploring financial issues, implementing the use of renewable technology elements and optimising comfort, day-lighting design and air quality assessment.

Teenergy Guidelines



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