Emilia-Romagna Region, by the Territorial Depatment, organized an OPEN DAY to the ESPRIT NOUVEAU - "CITIES ARE BEAUTIFUL!", on innovation within urban sustainability, within the project Urban Empathy.

Projects, processes, innovation tools and urban sustainability were the core of the event held in Bologna on 11th September 2014. Within the Esprit Nouveau Pavilion by Le Courbousier, it was held the open day event, where the public projects capitalized their results and experiences in various urban thematics as urban regeneration, sustainable mobility, landscape, urban green gardens, enhancement of historic centers, energy, waste cycle...

The Urban Empathy event aims to adapt and improve existing tools and best practices, providing to administrators and politicians concrete means and examples to develop effective policies on urban sustainability.


Here below are the links to the newsletters on the progressive results and upcoming events organized by the Region of Emilia-Romagna:

Newsletter n.01 Urban Empathy | Is your "City Idea" sustainable?

In the course of 2014-2015 it will be organized a series of workshops and two international conferences. In line with the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities and the Declaration of Toledo on Urban Development, it will develop the SUMO Tool Kit (SUMO - Sustainable Urban Model), developed in the implementation of the project, that allows us to evaluate the degree of transferability of the projects results on the basis of a number of factors; so as to gauge their appropriateness to the needs of the decision makers involved. In particular, URBAN EMPATHY intends to become a sounding board of the results of the partners projects.

Newsletter n.02 Urban Empathy | Do you want to regenerate your city?

Tools for the regeneration of the urban landscape. In the Newsletter, you could find at your disposal the tools, guidelines, data-base and best practices developed by projects of the network Urban Empathy.

You can use them to study and implement policies and urban regeneration processes of your city, adapting to the needs of your project in the field of mobility, renewable energy, the landscape, the enhancement of town centers and the waste cycle, with particular attention practices that recognize the territory as a public good.

Newsletter n.03 Urban Empathy | Cities are beautiful!

To ensure a real impact, it has been st up a "structured dialogue" to reflect policy-makers in the Mediterranean, at various institutional levels, about the main issues and obstacles encountered in the implementation process of sustainable urban policies that descend programming from the European Union and to verify the degree of transferability of the tools and best practices that the project seeks to promote. Here is available the structured dialogue report in Emilia Romagna Region.



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