PROJECT IDEAS AND PARTNER SEARCH - New section in CAT-MED Platform Website

Welcome to the “Project Idea & Partner Search” new section of CAT-MED Platform Website. Our objective is to share ideas to create competitive proposals to respond to European calls and to find the right partnership among our experimented members.

External organizations are invited to submit their project proposals and search partners among our structure. For these cases, the General Secretary would act as a filter in order to guaranty that the proposals meet the CAT MED methodology & and the Malaga Charter philosophy. Also, it gives us the opportunity to increase the SUMO (Sustainable Urban Models) contacts data-base of the Platform, where to include all interested organizations, categorized by urban thematic, in order to capitalize further collaborations.



The process scheme is as follows:

1. Questionnaire, where to describe the main aspects of your proposal and specificities regarding the partner search.

2. Submission and reception of an E-mail confirming the reception, including the attachment of the questionnaire developed in pdf format.

3. Analysis of the proposal and validation in case it follows the SUMO principles.

4. Further collaborations.

The proposals uploaded by members will be directly managed by partners; following the same questionnaire structure, the Project Idea section is located within a new partner access, including different intranet sections; where also, further contacts will be done with external organizations thanks to the SUMO generated data-base.

Do you want try? Present your SUMO Project Idea HERE



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