ICT4s Scientific Conference on Urban Sustainability by Thessaloniki (LHTEE)

ICT4s - Scientific Conference on Urban Sustainability, Stockholm.

The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering participated at the 2nd International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S 2014), in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 2014.

ICT4S is a series of research conferences bringing together leading researchers, developers and government and industry representatives interested in using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a tool to reach sustainability goals, which is also the main objective of the URBAN EMPATHY project. The previous ICT4S Conference, which was held in Zürich, attracted 250 participants from 40 countries. ICT4S 2014 conference will explore and shape the role of ICT in this process and assess positive and negative impacts of ICT on sustainability.

Dr Achillas participateD at the conference by presenting CENSE tool, which works synergistically to the CAT-MED Platform GIS system that calculates urban sustainable indicators and, as such, it matches with the needs of the URBAN EMPATHY project. It is an environmental assessment software aiming at the characterization of urban microenvironments in terms of their sustainability.

The results of this activity are capitalized with Urban Empathy project partners throught the minutes reported from the event, where it is specified the capitalization opportunities and fresh ideas for new activities.


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