Malaga win the EUROCITIES Awards 2014 - Participation Category

The City of Malaga, through the Urban Environmental Observatory (OMAU) and Municipal Social Housing Institute (IMV), has received the EUROCITIES Award 2014 in the category of Participation. The award was presented at the Annual Ceremony EUROCITIES 2014 Munich, on Wednesday November 5, under the central theme "energising cities – energy intelligent cities". Málaga was recognized for its energy refurbishment project in the framework of the European project ELIH-MED, founded by programme MED; it is a partner project whitin the Urban Empathy Capitalization process.

Malaga was especially praised by the jury in the participation category for its efforts in the energy refurbishment of ‘Los Limoneros’, a social housing building. Sandra Marin-Herbert, Technical Advisor, Malaga City Council expresed few real anecdotes: “This was not a project but a miracle, it was a constraint expresed by the community that the project should be implemented at the whole building level and not only for 60 dwellings, as it was forseen initially. The first time we went to visit the building, the residents told us that we could not go up to the roof as there was a cock fight taking place. If we can get it done with these families, whose priorities are not energy efficiency, then we can implement this anywhere.”

Participation category: Malaga pilot project aims to promote the rehabilitation of the energy efficiency of buildings through citizen participation programs and has allowed to install energy saving measures in social housing in the city.

Malaga has involved residents in the energy rehabilitation of the social housing building "Los Limoneros", where 140 families live caracterized with a high rate of unemployment; distrust towards the project based on previous demands unmet; inadequate education and training levels and indices of social marginalization. It was, therefore, required from the residents, in order to be successful, their full participation in the project. This meant taking into account their needs, as well as the technical requirements at construction level, while creating a project participatory group where to meet the neighbors, technical agents, research centers, private companies, university and technical staff from the city council, in the different related areas.

Measures such as insulation of the building envelope, new ventilation systems, domestic hot water production with solar energy and micro-cogeneration have helped to improve the energy rating of the building on two levels, from grade "F" to Grade "D". Also, by installing 45 smart meters in low-income housing in different areas of the city, 22 of them in "Los Limoneros", has helped residents to better understand the impact of their energy use and potential savings measures which could be implemented. In addition, the city of Malaga has undertaken a broader energy awareness campaign in the whole municipality, in which they over 23,000 citizens have directly participated.

Liverpool, Malaga and Vilnius were recognised by EUROCITIES for their cooperative, innovative and participative projects on energy efficiency; the three winning cities were chosen by jury from 19 entries, they were selected by an independent jury led by Joachim Lorenz from Munich’s department of environment and health. The jury members were: Marie-Hélène Vareille from European Commission DG Environment; Iván Tosics from the Metropolitan Research Institute; Sabine Bock from Women in Europe for a Common Future; and Susanne Poelchau from Bayerischer Rundfunk.

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