REIC Sarajevo capitalizes CAT-MED Platform within 5 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

REIC Sarajevo is implementing the project MODUS (Bosnian: Mjerenje ODrživosti Urbanih Sredina; English: Measuring the Sustainability of Urban Areas). The project aims to identify five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for which indicators on sustainable urban models will be calculated. The methodology will be primarily based on the CAT-MED’s common indicators system.

In addition, the project will produce two workshops for civil servants dealing with urban planning in order to introduce them with the indicator system and to identify potential pilot projects which may result as a sustainable urban model. The participants of this workshop will be trained to use this indicators system and apply it to their community.

At the second stage of the project, REIC will summarize all indicators from five cities and make a synthesis report. This will be the pillar for joining the CAT-MED platform, and several communities already expressed their willingness to join the platform.

At the end of the project, a Final Conference will be organized together with a Mayor’s Forum which will invite five mayors from the selected cities and other mayors and their associates. The expected completion of the project is December 2015.

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