2nd European CITIES Forum & The Urban Development Network

The European Commission unveiled the “Results of the public consultation on the key features of an EU Urban Agenda”  during the 2nd European CITIES Forum, in Brussels. The consultation shows that Europe can help cities address common challenges and, in turn, contribute to the Commission's priorities such as a resilient Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy.

The consultation shows a clear demand by stakeholders for more coordination between all of the EU policies with an urban dimension. On the basis of the wishes expressed in the public consultation the Commission is proposing the following approach:

1 – Focusing on specific priorities able to deliver and show results, such as smart cities; in particular when it comes to the low-carbon economy, climate-resilient cities and social inclusion.

2 – Applying better regulation tools effectively, withreinforced urban impact assessment and stronger stakeholder involvement.

3 – Better coherence and coordination of EUpolicies relating to cities, such as the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities (EIP-SCC), the Urban Innovative Actions or the European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate ADAPT); assessing, revisiting, simplifying, streamlining and better focusing existing initiatives, making them more user-friendly, more efficient and with more synergies between them.

4 – Improved urban intelligence, benchmarking and monitoring: this means developing new data while also continuing to consolidate and harmonise the knowledge base of existing data sources, making them more complementary and more readily available.

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The Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy has organized an Urban Development Network – Seminar, 3rd June 2015 in Brussels.

The Urban Development Network is a newly created network targeted towards those urban authorities implementing integrated sustainable urban development strategies funded via Article 7 of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In this seminar, the Commission offered its expertise and support with regard to some of the key areas, such as the design of an integrated urban strategy, the creation of appropriate selection criteria for projects, the setting up of Integrated Territorial Instruments (ITI) and urban Financial Instruments.

It has been a successful first opportunity to discuss and exchange on these issues with the European Commission and other urban authorities from throughout the EU.

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