01 Project background  

The CAT Med project established a direct relation between the prevention of natural risks, specially related to climate change, and the development of an urban model based on the classical Mediterranean city.

This  urban model based on an integrated approach and in line with the Leipzig Charter, the Toledo Declaration and the objectives of Europe 2020 which, was defined & supported on the Malaga Charter through the commitment of the maximum political representatives of the 11 participating territories. The sustainability strategy of these results  was articulated within a  structure: the CAT MED Platform for Sustainable Urban Models. A natural capitalization process started under this platform, promoting  initiatives like  the Cluster of Policies for Sustainable Urban Models & Climate Change in the Mediterranean (within the Med Programme clusterization process). 

Territorial cooperation projects demonstrate that there are still a lot of disparities in the application of European directives in the Mediterranean space, despite of its common characteristics and specificities, and a strong necessity to better coordinate funds, making them more efficient, in a context of economic crisis and reduction of public expenses. This is particularly the case in the domain of sustainable urban development, which requires transverse and multi-actors approaches and strong capacities of investments.

Capitalizing on results achieved making them operational, interconnected and transferable require actions involving stakeholders in the discussions of results and their practical implications and use. 

02 Objectives  

1- To ensure the long-term  impact of the capitalized project's deliverables by the direct involvement of decision makers & key actors, facilitating the integration of these results in sustainable urban policies.

2-  To develop a set of propositions adapted to the Mediterranean Transnational Cooperation to be included in the next programming period calls. Articulation with funds such as the  Regional Operational Programme.

3-  To strengthen, enlarge and institutionalize the existing Platform and Cluster for Sustainable Urban Models building a “Network of Networks” as an open multilevel capitalization space, to create synergies among projects & partners to disseminate & transfer their results towards the development of sustainable urban models.

03 Actions  

Involving decision makers, transforming results into effective policies.

One of the main focuses of the Urban Empathy project is to transform existing results from the pre-selected Med projects and key European programmes into effective policies and actions related to Urban Sustainability. Once a common strategy for the promotion of a Sustainable Urban Model (SUMO) is followed, successful results coming from ETC should be used to improve this model with concrete expertise. The implementation of these results and the possibility to improve existing urban policies is sometimes a hard task if the right decision makers are not supporting it. This action aims to analyze the results according to transferability criteria, to find synergies with others in order to respond to a supported strategy, to transform it into something concrete, easily and clearly understood for decision makers and to involve them in the process in order to better understand their needs and respond to them. These are the main activities to be developed to reach Objective 1, producing a SUMO Toolkit and a Structured Dialogue Process including High Level Seminars in each participating State, as main deliverables.

Scaling up MED Transnational Cooperation

When results have been identified and prepared to be transferred according to decision makers needs, it is necessary to have related priorities included in the European Programming periods to help improving the efficiency of concrete sustainable urban policies in the Mediterranean. Therefore, Urban Empathy will also work to scale up transnational cooperation in the MED related to the theme of SUMO, using the contributions of the partners & external partners representing different spaces. In a parallel work, the articulation of founds to help implementing the results coming from ETC will be discussed using pilot projects as practical examples of concrete results. A set of recommendations including common priorities on urban sustainability for the different programmes working with the Mediterranean and proposals on how to articulate founds to help implementing them, will be the main deliverables of this work package responding to project Objective 2.

Creating a Network of Networks on Sustainable Urban Models (SUMO)

The existing CAT MED Platform for Sustainable Urban Models itself will be capitalised and used as the tool through which the Urban Empathy process will continue in the future. A focus will be made on the agreements with other key networks, European initiatives and projects in order to facilitate the wider dissemination of project results and to influence regulations impacting urban development. Contacts will also be made with other ongoing capitalisation projects  related to urban sustainability to help the platform grow and to include new innovative project results in the SUMO Toolkit. As a capitalization structure with a natural multiplying effect, Urban Empathy has a strong capacity for dissemination  being a task force for urban sustainability able to fulfil Objective 3.

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