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Med Common Priorities

A working group analyses how to increase the Mediterranean added value of cooperation projects with the view of different Programmes working in the territory (MED, SOUTH EAST, ENPI, etc) working together on common priorities in urban sustainability.

This report on how to improve the Mediterranean added-value of ETC projects by analyzing how to increase the one  related to urban sustainability projects; by identifying common priorities, topics and procedures between several ETC programs and finally by evaluation of the transferability of results to other cooperation spaces (macro-regional approach).

URBAN-EMPATHY_Med-Common-Priorities_EN (Final report – Urban Empathy, WP4, Phase 1)

Scaling up Med Report

In parallel 3 pilot projects are analysed in Genoa, Pisa & Nice, as experimentation tools to test policies and concrete results. Local groups will work and meet twice during the project’s life together with representatives from other level of ERDF Funds such as the Regional Operative Programme, to find ways of articulating programmes, funds and possible agreements among private and public sector to finance the implementation and to improve policies thought a better mainstream of results. This work brings out a set of recommendations aiming to influence calls for the next programming period.

URBAN-EMPATHY_Scaling-up-Med-Report_EN (Final report – Urban Empathy, WP4, Phase 2)

A road map for drawing up an integrated territorial management plan

The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of the final outcome of the activities undertaken by the Municipality of Pisa in relation to the URBAN EMPATHY project. As part of the project, three of the project’s partner cities were selected and asked to trial the methodology of Urban Empathy by developing pilot projects which would “capitalise on” the results of previous projects identified by the partnership as examples of capitalisation.
Through this trial, which constituted the implementation of W.P.4, “Scaling up MED transnational cooperation”, Pisa aims to put to full use the experience it has gained through the “Culture” project in order to develop an Action Plan as a support tool for drawing up Management Plans for its UNESCO sites.

URBAN-EMPATHY_A-road-map-for-drawing-up-an-integrated-territorial-management-plan_EN (Urban Empathy, WP4, Phase 2)

Recommendations Med Macro-Region

The following report correspond to a set of recommendations, which aims at contributing to the improvement of coherence and effectiveness of this new programming period for the Mediterranean area. In particular, these propositions focus on Sustainable Urban Models which should be promoted in the future calls and the implementation of a macro-regional approach.

URBAN-EMPATHY_Recommendations-Med-Macro-Region_EN (Final report – Urban Empathy, WP4, Phase 3)

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