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Main events of Urban Empathy Project

- 2nd Mediterranean Mayors' Forum - Recovering the Classical City for Smart Living (09/06/2014). More info >

- EUROCITIES Environment Forum Malaga - Sustainable Cities, The Mediterranean Model (11-13/06/2014). More info >

- Kick-Off - Urban Empathy boost knowledge and exchange of experiences on Sustainable Urban Models (21/06/2013). More info >

- Urban Empathy and CAT-MED Platform on the cruise to the MED future - Annual event (23-24/10/2013). More info >

- Urban Empathy paticipates in the Capitalization Event on “Sustainable development and Spatial planning” by ENPI CBC Med Programme (26/11/2013). More info >

- Joint IEE - ETC Meeting: Accelerating Change at the Local and Regional level for Effective Delivery of Sustainable Energy Solutions (15-16705/2013). More info >

- CAT-MED Platform invited to CECODHAS Task-Force on Warm/Mediterranean Climate Workshop (4-5/07/2013). More info >

Videos of Urban Empathy Project

1. Capitali ... what?

The City of Malaga, by the OMAU and through Capitali...what?, the Urban Empathy Project video, is the winner of the jury award of the European Cooperation Day 2014 video contest, organized by the European Commission, in the CBC, IPA CBC, transnational and/or interregional category.

Capitali…What? is a graphic motion video and it shows the idea about what Capitalization of European programmes means. In this case, Malaga, as Urban Empathy project led partner, together with cities and regions from Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany.

2. MED Policy Markers on Urban Sustainability

This video shows the work of capitalization of previous european projects in the field of urban sustainability by the Province of Lucca, Municipality of Genoa and Pisa and the Region of Emilia Romagna. Urban Empathy is capitalization project that brings together projects, policy makers & stakeholders to share concrete results to improve the efficiency of sustainable urban policies in the Mediterranean ensuring their consideration in future programming periods. It joins 13 partners from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Germany & Bosnia-Herzegovina representing 13 projects and 15 concrete results to capitalize.

3. Speakers' Corner _ MED Annual Event 2013

The Speakers' Corner was a capitalization action developed during the Med Annual Event 2013 in Lisbon. Urban Empathy aims at consolidating a permanent structure - the existing CAT-MED Platform for Sustainable Urban Models - bringing toghetger policy makers, Mediterranean stakeholders, projects and other relevants actors to share concrete results improving the efficiency of sustainable urban policies in the Mediterranean.

4. Urban Empathy Kick-Off

Urban Empathy boosts knowledge and exchange of experiences on Sustainable Urban Models. The project Kick-Off hosted a Public Capitalization Seminary, in which representatives of a total of 35 European projects, financed by 17 different programs, as well as representatives of 9 European networks.

Main Graphic Material of Urban Empathy Project


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