01 Decision Makers Priorities  

Structured Dialogue (political priorities)

The Structured Dialogue process is established with key decision makers at all government levels and in each participating country identifying key barriers and possible solutions to the implementation of sustainable urban policies in the EU (What do DM need and why they still don’t have it).

The Decision Makers' priorities Final Report (All Countries) brings together the conclusions of each country report.


Final reports by Country:

Report country level - Spain

Report country level - France

Report country level - Italy

Report country level - Slovenia

Report country level - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Report country level - Greece

High Level Seminars (HLS)

The Structured Dialogue Process has it final step through the High Level Seminars (HLS) organized in each state. The participants of the Structured Dialogue get together joining other key stake holders involved in decision making. The SUMO toolkit is presented sharing the innovative approaches of the existing results, and a concrete thematic will be worked in depth.

These HLS will still be organized in the future as an annual activity of the CAT MED Platform bringing solutions, through existing successful results available in the SUMO Toolkit, to decision makers.

HLS - Spain

HLS - France

HLS - Italy

HLS - Slovenia

HLS - Bosnia-Herzegovina

HLS - Greece

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