01 Sumo Tool Kit  

The SUMO (Sustainable Urban MOdels) Toolkit is an instrument that prepares current and future results to be transferred according to decision makers’ needs. The results are first analysed and categorized. In a second step, a set of transferability criteria is applied, defined by the project Scientific Committee (ScC), where the results are evaluated in a 1st round and cross checked to ensure that they comply with the SUMO shared by the partners according to common strategy of Urban Sustainability.

In parallel, a structured dialogue process is established with key decision makers at all government levels and in each participating country identifying key barriers and possible solutions to the implementation of sustainable urban policies in the EU (What do DM need and why they still don’t have it). The conclusions of the analytical phase and the inputs from the Structured Dialogue Process allow the ScC to evaluate the results in a 2nd round, followed by a review of the coherence of each result with the integrated approach of the SUMO as possible synergies between them are identified.

The SUMO Toolkit, hosted on the project website, serves as an interactive knowledge centre on urban sustainability where successful results, following a concrete strategy based on the integrated approach to sustainability and responding to DM needs, is available to be capitalized.

SUMO Toolkit

02 Results analysis  

01. Malaga City Council - Project: CAT-MED

Result: Malaga Charter and Platform for Sustainable Urban Models

02. Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (Avitem) - Project: ELIH-MED

Result: Capitalisation strategy and policy paper

03. Government of Catalonia - Project: MARIE

Result: Associated partners platform for energy efficiency

04. Municipality of Pisa - Project: CULTURE MED

Result: Catalogue of best practices in urban planning in the historical city centres of Unesco cities. Action plan for UNESCO historical centres

05. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Project: ZEROWASTE

Result: Decision Support Tool (DST) for waste management

06. Province of Lucca - Project: TEENERGY

Result: Guidelines concerning structural and behavioural solutions for implementing energy efficiency in school buildings

07. Jozef Stefan Institute - Project: EFFECT

Result: International training seminars for policy makers

08. Barcelona Urban Ecology Agency - Project: CAT-MED

Result: Set of common urban sustainability indicators to follow up the evolution towards the urban model

09. Municipality of Genoa - Project: CAT-MED

Result: Metropolitan groups & Green Apple methodology

10. City of Stuttgart - Project: CITIES FOR MOBILITY

Result: Development of the Cities for mobility network

11. Emilia-Romagna Region - Project: HYBRID PARKS

Result: Hybrid workshop methodology

12. Emilia-Romagna Region - Project: PAYS.MED.URBAN

Result: Selection methodology used to determine the best practices in promotion of high quality landscape

13. Nice Côte d´Azur Metropole - Project: PLUS

Result: Deep Dive Methodology

14. Regional Education and Information Centre (REIC) - Project: ENER SUPPLY

Result: Summer Camp methodology and Web training platform

15. Barcelona Institute of Markets (IMMB) - Project: MED EMPORION 

Result: URBAN FAIR “Market of Markets”

16. Valencia Institute of Building (IVE) - Project: ELIH-MED 

Result: Tips advices for energy saving at home & auto audit tool

17. Municipality of Chiaravalle, Italy - Project: CYCLO

Result: Sustainable mobility plan – Masterplan

18. Torino Province - Project: OSDDT

Result: Indicators of land consumption

19. Regional Agency LAORE Sardegna - Project: ENERMED

Result: Toolkit for the support of Regional RES Strategy

20. Municipality of Prato, Italy - Project: CreativeMED

Result: CreativeMED White Paper and Toolkit

21. EGTC EFXINI POLI (Network of European Cities for Sustainable Development - SolidarCity Network) - Project: ZEROWASTE PRO

Result: Guide on Green Solutions for Waste for/from Public Administrations

22. Alfamicro, Sistemas de computadores unipessoal, LDA - Project: MyNeighbourhood

Results: MyN Platform

23. Malaga City Council - Project: FP7 Civitas Plus II 2MOVE2

Results: Safe routes to school Programme in Malaga (Paseando al Cole)

24. Province of Lucca - Project: SHA.P.E.S.


25. Polytechnic University of Valencia - Project: E2STORMED

Results: E²STORMED Decision Support Tool



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