01 SUMO toolkit brief description

The SUMO Toolkit is an instrument that prepares current and future results to be transferred in a practical way and according to decision maker’s needs. Starting from a Results Information Form, the results are first analysed and categorized. Then, considering a set of transferability criteria, results are evaluated by the Scientific Committee (experts from different disciplines and nationalities under a transnational common strategy) in a 1st round. After analysing possible deviations among the evaluations, decision maker’s needs and the coherence with the Sustainable Urban Model of reference, a 2nd round is made.

The search engine will allow you to search concrete results by description criteria like in a normal library search, by transferability criteria, or by decision maker’s priorities. Therefore, a structured dialogue process through personal interviews has been established with key decision makers at all government levels and in each participating country identifying key barriers and possible solutions to the implementation of sustainable urban policies in the EU (What do DM need and why they still don’t have it). Each result is not only linked to these priorities but with other results, offering possible synergies among them.

The URBAN EMPATHY SUMO Toolkit, as the capitalization process of the CAT MED Platform, serves as an interactive knowledge centre on urban sustainability where successful results, following a concrete strategy based on an integrated approach to sustainability and responding to DM needs, can be capitalized.

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03 Search results by evaluation & transferability criteria

01 Capacity to fulfil the sustainable urban model main principles

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03 Suitability for the current capitalisation process

04 Environmental governance

05 Ease of implementation and transferability

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