At 27th June 2014, Barcelona hosted the first High Level Seminary at national level within Urban Empathy Project; it was focused on "Urban Renewal and Citizens". It is followed by a series of 6 events in different states of the Mediterranean area: Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

The Structured Dialogue Process has it final step through the High Level Seminars (HLS), where the SUMO toolkit will be presented sharing the innovative approaches of the existing results. The participants of the Structured Dialogue will get together joining other key stake holders involved in decision making. In this first HLS the concrete thematic that will be worked in depth is "Urban Renewal and Citizens", the event was divided in two main blocks "Mobility and Public Space" and "Participation of citizens in the processes of energy renovation of buildings".

Beyond the Urban Empathy Project, these HLS will still be organized in the future as an annual activity of the CAT-MED Platform, bringing solutions, through existing successful results available in the SUMO Toolkit, to decision makers.

The agenda is here available. The format of the event and the participants are described below:

Barcelona HLS - Urban Empathy - "Urban Renewal and Citizens"

Seminar Presentation
Carles Sala
Secretary of Housing and Urban Improvement. Generalitat de Catalunya

Presentation SUMO Programme
Sandra Marin
Technical Program Advisor European. Malaga City council
Mercedes Vidal
Project Coordinator Planning and Strategic Planning. Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

Presentation of the Structured Dialogue's Results
Xavier Martí
Responsible for monitoring and evaluation of European programes.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Improvement. Department of Planning and Sustainability. Generalitat de Catalunya

Topic 1: Mobility and Public Space
Juan Carlos Escudero
Director, Center for Environmental Studies of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vicente Granados
Secretary General of Tourism. Andalusia Region
Representative (to be confirmed)
Department of Transportation. City of Barcelona
Mario Cortés
Deputy Mayor of Innovation and New Technologies. Malaga City Council
Maj-Britt Larka
Deputy General Director of Air Quality and Industrial Environment. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Xavier Baulies
Head of Research and Innovation. Department of Planning and Sustainability.
Alfonso Salmerón
Councillor for the Environment of the City of l'Hospitalet de Llobregat (2004-2011)
Moderator: Idoia Arauzo

TOPIC 2: Participation of citizens in the processes of energy renovation of buildings
Luis Esteban Domínguez
Managing Director of the Valencian Institute of Building (IVE)

Jaume Fornt
Director of the Housing Agency of Catalonia. Generalitat de Catalunya
Angela de la Cruz
Deputy General Director of Planning. Ministry of Development
Gaia Redaelli
General Director of Rehabilitation and Architecture. Andalusia Region
Jordi Mas
Councilman of Planning, Housing and Mobility. Santa Coloma de Gramenet City Council
Antoni Sorolla
Deputy Housing Manager. City of Barcelona
Moderator: Celia Galera
Director of Habitat Futura Group

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