The 9th Regional Summer School will be organized by REIC in collaboration with Faculty of Resource Management and "German Development Cooperation" – GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.


Objectives of the summer school are:

- Educational support to students and professionals from the region in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficiency (EE).
- Enhancement of interdisciplinary approach to sustainable energy issue.
- Dissemination of best practice on energy conservation and renewable energy.
- Capacity building of renewable energy promotion on the regional level as an element of sustainable development in the region.
- Enhancement of dissemination of information on potentials of RES and EE in the Region.
- Generation of topics for master and PhD thesis and creation of circles of students working on similar topics.


The summer school will consist of six topics:

I.Understanding of climate change issue
II.Climate Change Policy and Governance
III.EU policies, aims and strategies
IV.SEE problems and aims
V.Green energy & green economy
VI.Energy planning The 9th Summer School will provide a direct training on the most current important issues related to the Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energ Sources (RES).

Few selected trainers will be present during the whole summer school teaching participants how to do energy planning aiming sustainable development. Participants will work on practical assignments divided in teams, based on concrete input data. Apart of trainers, in field experts from EU and Region will give lectures on specific topics.

The participants will have to prepare a presentation on issues regarding climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency in their countries based on guidelines which will be delivered afterwards to selected participants. One presentation per country will be prepared which will lead to early introduction between participants.

The summer school will be held within traditional manifestation Days of Carbon Reduction (DAKAR) for SEE. Apart of the summer school, numerous other events will be held within DAKAR. One of the most significant event is three days international conference

"Green development in South East Europe in function of climate change mitigation and adaptation". Presentation of results of international projects will take place within DAKAR (TEMPUS projects, cross border cooperation etc). It is expected that about 100 participants will be in DAKAR events. Therefore, it will be excellent opportunity for networking. Aiming enhancement of networking, the organizers will prepare programme of social activities.


Targeted participants are final year master students, PhD students and young professionals from SEE countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and territory of Kosovo*, Moldova) and Ukraine dealing with energy issues from different aspects (technical, economy and law, journalism natural science etc.). There will be two places for participants outside of the above listed countries.

To participants who pass final exam, the organizers will issue certificates on 5 ECTS.


There is no participation fee. Targeted number of participants is 24. The organizer will provide full fellowship for 15 participants. Full fellowship includes costs of full board accommodation, local transport (Sarajevo – Fojnica – Sarajevo) and study visit. For another 5 participants partial fellowship will be provided. For those participants 2/3 of full board accommodation costs, local transport and study visit costs will be covered by organizers, and cost share of participants with partial fellowship is 150 EUR per each for the whole summer school). There will be 4 places for self-financed participants whose cost is 450 EUR (which include all above mentioned costs). The Commission will select and ranking participants based on CVs and motivation letters. The best 15 applicants will get full fellowship. The organizer will cover cost of study visit of small hydro power plants, refreshments and educational material for all participants. In exceptional cases, the organizers will share travel costs (preferably for participants from Ukraine and Moldova).


For application, please send CV and letter of motivation (both documents in English) to info@reic.org.ba. Letter of motivation should be up to one page of text.

Deadline for application is 1st June 2013. Official language of the school is English.

For more information please visit www.reic.org.ba, call +387 33 613 193 or send us an e-mail to info@reic.org.ba.



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