The CAT-MED Platform accomplished the 2nd Mediterranean Mayors' Forum, which was held in the city of Genoa (Italy) on 9th June 2014, in the context of the International Conference Capitalisation project URBAN EMPATHY, co-financed by the MED Programme; it was focused on "Recovering the Classical City for Smart Living".

The Mayors’ Panel composed by the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Doria; Mayor of Tétouan, Mohamed Idaomar; the Deputy Mayor of Torino, Enzo la Volta and the Deputy Mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, participated in the debate on their concrete experiences, answering to the following questions and exposing the currents Mayors’ key priorities today:

- Where the city configuration has increased the quality of life of their citizen?

- What are the main urban problems you need to solve related to the integrated approach for urban sustainability, what do cities need financing for? Such as: how to recover public spaces for the citizenship; how to maintain the residential use in the historical centres; how to compact the sprawl city; how to improve energy efficiency through participating process.

As conclusion of the event, it took place the official signature of the Genoa Declaration of Mediterranean Mayors to the European Institutions “Claiming the role of cities in the core of European 2020 strategy”.

A key note Speaker, Prof. Roberto Camagni presented the conferecen on ”the classical city configuration as a tool to improve quality of life”

This meeting of mayors is framed as a continuation of the activities being carried out by the CAT-MED Platform on Sustainable Urban Models, in order to exchange experiences and establish priorities for the Mediterranean cities and Europe for the period 2014-2020. The meeting aimed to discuss about the urban models used in the Mediterranean cities and the development of strategies for strengthening social and territorial cohesion through a comprehensive approach to urban sustainability.


The Platform, open to new members of the north and south of the Mediterranean, was established through the signing of the Charter of Malaga, a document in which cities commit to sustainable urban development models and to promote a green apple pilot within the city area. The General Secretariat of CAT-MED platform is located in Malaga in the Urban Environment Observatory (OMAU).


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